Happy Buddha & Sunlee Brand Premium Thai Hom Mali Rice

10 January | 5 mins read

Happy Buddha & Sunlee Brand Premium Thai Hom Mali Rice

Happy Buddha and Sunlee Brand Premium Thai Hom Mali Rice are grown in the Northeast region of Thailand where geographical location and climate is perfectly complemented to cultivate special soft, tender and aromatic Thai Hom Mali Rice.  Cooked Happy Buddha and Sunlee Premium Thai Hom Mali Rice have pearl white grain, glutinous and flavorful characters which give them the famous delicious soft and chewy tastes.


Through our special selection process, we can assure that our rice has the highest Thai Hom Mali rice purity.  We inspect all incoming lots with both physical and chemical methods to ensure quality selection before storing them in the environmental controlled temperature and moisture silos. 


Our manufacturing process, from cleaning, destoning, polishing sorting to packaging and palletizing are operated by the most advanced automated hand-free machineries under very high hygienic environment.  Our capacity is over 50 tons per hour equivalent to over twenty oceans freight containers per shift per day.  


Our core value is to produce the best quality products to our consumers.  We would like to assure that Happy Buddha and Sunlee Brand Premium Thai Hom Mali rice are our highest quality Thai Hom Mali rice in the market, and we are dedicated to maintaining this in every single bag to everywhere in the world, years after years.


During the early season of this “annual harvested crop” from October to December, Thai Hom Mali Rice is at its best qualities: stronger aroma, softer and stickier texture, and brilliant crystal-like appearance.  Thus, make it highly valued by all Thai Hom Mali rice lovers all over the world.   Our distributors worldwide always requested for increased quantity and earliest shipment possible.  For those that are interested to distribute our Happy Buddha or Sunlee Brand Premium Thai Hom Mali Rice in their territories, now is the time to start.  You will have the best possible quality.


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